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I have made mashed cauliflower and cauliflower cous cous, both of which my family loved. I’ve heard cauliflower pizza crust is good. Will have to give it a try! Goes with my goal of healthier eating and sneaking those veggies in!

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I took a slight hiatus during which time school completely exploded. The year’s over in two days, though, so here’s to a summer of travel and trying to get into college and cooking.

For right now, though? CAULI-FREAKING-FLOWER PIZZA.


This pizza is my new religion. I swear, if I had cauliflower on hand all the time, I’d make this once a day.

I used this recipe from Umami Holiday. Basically, if you’ve got cauliflower, cheese, and an egg, you’ve got creative license to do whatever the hell you want to your pizza – my kind of food.

You’re going to start by grinding your cauliflower in a food processor, ideally.



I wasn’t sure how fine to go, so I processed the crap out of that cauliflower. The consistency worked out for me, though, so I’d aim for something like this.

After you cook your cauliflower comes the fun part…

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