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I must admit there are quite a few cooking shows that I enjoy watching. Food Network Star happens to be one of my favorite such shows. The first episode of the new season was this last Thursday, so you haven’t missed much. I enjoy the variety of cooking challenges, but my favorite part is the diverse cooking styles of the contestants. They are each trying to sell their own culinary point of view, which can be from cooking genre to ethnicity. Since I love to try a wide variety of foods, I find this very appealing! Not to mention the variety of personalities makes for entertaining TV. The hosts are Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentis, whom I also enjoy. 

I have AT&T Uverse and the show is on food network (channel 453/1453) at 6 PM on Thursdays. Check listings as the time and channel may vary. 

Happy viewing! What are some of your favorite cooking shows and why?