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It’s Saturday morning and that is traditionally grocery shopping day in our family, so here I sit working on my list! Only we’ve gone electronic with that too.

My awesome daughter turned me on to a list making app that I just love! It’s called Wunderlist. This is a free app that I use every day. The best thing about it, is that all your family members can download the app, you can share your lists and up date them real time. For example, I could be in the middle of grocery shopping and my daughter can add shampoo to the list and I’ll know to pick that up before leaving the store. And I can add things to my list wherever I am! No more being at work with one grocery list knowing I have another list at home with who knows what on it!

As you can see by my screen shot, it has a variety of uses. Our family shares gift lists, so we can list things we’d like to receive and when a birthday or other event comes up we know what to get each other. I also have about 9 lists of various topics I want to cover here in this blog. As new things come to mind, I just add them to a list. I keep those lists private though. You don’t have to share  everything! So my family can see some of my lists, but not all. 

What life changing apps have you discovered? Let’s share!

I gotta run! We’re having a picnic at one of our favorite wineries tomorrow, so I need to add some goodies for that to my list. But that’s tomorrow’s blog topic; yummy, easy picnic foods!