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I know I promised to post about our picnic yesterday, but it was a busy day and I decided to give myself a break. It was my birthday and instead of going out to eat at our usual restaurant, I thought it would be nice to have a picnic at our local winery. We are blessed to have a beautiful winery about 20 minutes from our home. Living in Northern California does have its perks!

Our family has done a lot of these types of picnics over the years, so I’ve got the food routine down pat! The great thing about our picnics is there is very little food prep required and there is always something for everyone, kids and adults alike!

We basically serve a variety of finger foods, both fresh and pre-prepared. Just think of a wide variety of yummy foods and bring ’em! I’ll share what we had yesterday and hopefully this will give you some ideas for your summer picnics! Many of these products are available from Amazon.com from their Grocery & Gourmet Foods services. 

Our Picnic Fare…

  • Wine!!! Duh! We were at a winery!
  • Water and juice bottles
  • Fruit – we had strawberries, raspberries, cherries, apricots and plums. Whatever is in season and yummy at the time
  • Jarred olives – Jalapeño stuffed are delicious,but overpower wine. Almond stuffed or Italian seasoned can be a better choice
  • Pickled okra
  • Cheeses – we had a variety of sliced cheeses, string cheese (love Weight Watcher’s jalapeño string cheese), and a variety of Laughing Cow cheese wedge flavors (These are delicious, spreadable, low-fat cheeses!)
  • Meats – Summer sausage, turkey breast lunch meat, and a variety pack with mortadella, salame and coppa 
  • Dips – We had spinach dip I picked up from our grocery deli
  • Chips & Crackers – we had a variety on hand. We love these new Primizie chips!
  • Dessert!!! I almost forgot the delicious chocolate dipped macaroons and brownie bites
  • Don’t forget the plates, napkins, plasticware, cups and wine opener!

I hope you have many opportuties to picnic with your loved ones this summer! What are your favorite picnic foods?