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If you’ve spent much time at South Lake Tahoe, you’ll remember the Swiss Chalet restaurant. It was a very distinctive building and was pretty much an institution. I’m not sure how long it was open, but for most of my 49 years! Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep up with the times and closed a few years ago. On a happy note though, a new, updated restaurant has opened in it’s place. We had the opportunity to visit the new Cold Water Brewery & Grill for lunch and we were pleasantly suprised with this new dining option.

I’m not a beer drinker, but my husband is on occcasion and decided to try their Mr. Toad’s Wild Rye. He really enjoyed it. I had a sip and did as well. He doesn’t like beers that have that overly hoppy taste and this one didn’t have that.

The food was also incredibly enjoyable! I was happy to see a casual menu that you would expect to find in a brewery. I hate brewery restaurants that try to be hoy paloy!!! To me, a brewery menu should include rustic, down home foods; burgers, tacos, fries, great sandwiches, and lots of fried foods! Cold Water did not disappoint! While I didn’t have a burger, I did enjoy their South Lake Fish Tacos filled with beer-battered, fried Alaskan Cod. They also had a generous serving of avocado and this fantastic watermelon, jicama and cucumber slaw. Simply delicious and fresh tasting!!! My husband ordered the BBQ Pork Tostados. These were also served with watermelon. This combination was surprisingly wonderful and one that we decided to try at home this summer!

This is a restaurant that I would recommend. It’s fairly new, but solid. They don’t have it available yet, but they are working on an outdoor patio and we did see significant progrress during our week in Tahoe.

Give this place a shot! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!