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We found a new favorite restaurant at Lake Tahoe! This restaurant certainly isn’t new, but it was new to us. We usually stay in the South Lake Tahoe area, so we are more familiar with the restaurants in that area. Occasionally, we do venture around the lake in search of new dining experiences. Early in our trip last week, we decided to try the Mountain Grill at the Sunnyside Resort in Tahoe City. The best part about this place is the huge patio, that puts you right on the beach of Lake Tahoe! They even offer boat-in valet service!
While nothing can top the view of a beautiful Alpine lake, the food and service at Sunnyside does a good job of keeping up! We were so impressed we went back a second time later in the week! Ironically, we got the exact same table both times. It was a great table on the patio’s edge, so no complaints from this foodie!

So what did we eat you ask???

1st Time – We were very cooperative and shared everything this entire meal, 50/50 down the line!:

• We started with their Halibut Ceviche Tostadas. We received 3 smaller (but perfectly sized!) tostadas topped with fresh Alaskan halibut, avocado and salsa made with tomato, red onion, cilantro and lime. These were so fresh and light tasting! The perfect appetizer for a warm, summer lunch in the sun!

• Next we shared two dishes (See photo above):

o Sunnyside’s Famous Fish Tacos – These are filled with mahi mahi cooked as requested. We went with cajun grilled. I find that fish doesn’t taste as fishy when it’s grilled. I know, I know! Isn’t fish supposed to taste “fishy”? Well, mine isn’t! These were served topped with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo and we added avocado, which they were very generous with! We also added some of their garlic chili sauce. They came with a side of house-made tortilla chips (that had the perfect texture and crunch) and salsa. How were they? YUM! The perfect amount of spice and freshness!

o Shrimp and Lobster Roll – OMG! I’ve had a crab melt. This ain’t it! I’ve always wanted to try a Lobster Roll, famous on the east coast. I think we’re getting closer. This sandwich was just so very good! I do believe it topped the fish tacos a bit. The sandwich was filled with a chilled lobster and Oregon bay shrimp salad, pickled veggies on a brioche bun and served with house-made potato chips. The chips were forgettable, but that sandwich was so savory with a tangy dressing. My husband was surprised that it was a cold sandwich, but again for a warm, summer lunch it was perfection on brioche!!!

• I can’t forget to mention the Mai Tai’s at this place! Sunnyside is a sister restaurant to Duke’s in Kauai and yes, they make their Mai Tai’s using Duke’s recipe. A little bit of POG (see earlier blog post on Hawaiian foods), a little Mai Tai mix and a whole lot of rum! They are just tropical yumminess!

• And last, but not least is the Hula Pie! Again, just like they serve at Duke’s! What is Hula Pie you ask? Well it is the mother of all ice cream pies! An Oreo crust, piled high with macadamia nut ice cream and topped with hot fudge and whipped cream. I don’t recommend trying to eat this on your own. Share it with a friend! It is ginormous!!!

2nd Time at Sunnyside – No sharing this time, except for the appetizer!

• We started with their famous Sunnyside Crispy Zucchini Sticks. They were good. They’re deep fried and breaded! If you screw that up, you shouldn’t be in the restaurant business.

• I went on to have their Albacore Tuna Asian Chop Salad. This was really a delicious salad! The tuna and salad could each stand alone very solidly. The dressing on the salad was just this delicious, tangy Asian concoction and the salad consisted of napa cabbage, bean sprouts, shredded carrots, cilantro, broccoli rabe, edamame and topped with friend wontons, chili mayo and ponzu. The tuna had been marinated in teriyaki and was grilled through. This was fully cooked tuna, yet still very tender. I thoroughly enjoyed this salad. I felt like I was eating pretty healthy, but getting all the flavor I want in a restaurant dish.

• My husband, who was still swimming from all the seafood we ate the first time, decided to go with their cheeseburger. This was another tasty, very solid dish! The burger itself was a Wagyu Angus beef blend topped with aged white cheddar on a soft potato bun. My husband also opted to add avocado to it. Good choice and this place does not skimp with their avocado! It was served with shoe string fries.

We’ll be going back to Sunnyside! The service was great! They have a wonderful group of young, conscientious servers who know how to keep it fun on the beach of Lake Tahoe. The food was great and the view was stellar!!! I definitely recommend giving this place a try! Go early for lunch though as the patio fills up fast!