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I went to summer camp as a kid. LOVED IT!!! When my daughters were old enough, they went to summer camp and I went along as a counselor. LOVED IT!!! And my children seemed to survive the trauma of having me with them at camp!As I’ve gotten older and have been having some medical issues, I haven’t attended camp the last couple of years. That must be why I am missing it and this summer I have been obsessed with all shows camp related!

And joy of joys, there is a cooking show that is camp related!!! There is a God and He loves me!!!

If you haven’t checked it out, the new episodes of the Food Network’s Camp Cutthroat are tremendously entertaining! I initially was a fan of the regular Cutthroat Kitchen, but over time it just kind of dropped down on my list of favorite cooking shows. This new version though, is SOOOO much fun!!! It’s only two episodes in, so you haven’t missed much.

It appears to be filmed on the former set of the Fox Network show Utopia, which is just beautiful! The challenges are so harsh that’s amazing eatable food can even be produced. I seriously doubt the food is that good, but it sure is good TV! The challenges are over the top difficult, but very reminiscent of summer camp games. The absolute best thing is the person they have running around in the “Bob the Bear” costume. It’s hysterical! It is the shortest little bear trying to be so vicious. And one of the best scenes was when food judge, Simon Majumdar, stopped to dance with the bear. Too funny!

Anyway, it’s worth a watch and one of the few family friendly shows out there. So take a look and enjoy a trip down summer camp memory lane!