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Since I love to cook so much, eating out is a special affair for me. My philosophy is why eat out unless I’m in wonderful surroundings with fantastic food? I can stay home and have good food in the comfort of my own home.My husband and I especially enjoy eating outdoors, so we love restaurants with a nice patio. If you saw my Tahoe blog posts, you probably noticed we ate at quite a few places with a patio. We are especially blessed to live very close to a great restaurant that has a patio with a beautiful view, Champions Bar and Grill at the Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch, CA.

We are regulars at this place! Yes, we ate there once this week already and we may go again! Who knows?!? So what do we like about this place? Well in no particular order…

1. The staff! Since we are regulars, we have gotten to know the staff pretty well. Some we would even consider friends. They are incredibly friendly and work very hard to make sure they give great service. They are incredibly flexible too and will allow you to order things not on the menu. If the kitchen has the ingredients they are usually willing to make what you want. Since they’ve gotten to know us, they will even recommend new things they think we might like or even slip us a sample to try before we actually order it. When things aren’t right, they are also open to feedback. We’ve approached them in a respectful, pleasant manner with feedback and they are very grateful and do their best to implement improvements.

2. The food! They have a standard menu and most days they also have lunch and dinner specials, except on Sunday when they do their big brunch. Both the regular menu and the specials are very good. Some of our favorite items are…

a. Steamed Clams with Chorizo

b. Calamari Fries

c. Strawberry Fields Salad

d. Carnitas Sandwich

e. Chicken Monterey Sandwich

f. My husband’s favorite: Ravioli’s Alaska with Grilled Salmon

g. Whatever Tacos are the lunch special!

h. OK! Pretty much everything is good!

Their brunch is good and gets great reviews on Yelp, but to me it’s just too much money and I know I’m not going to eat $28 worth. Why spend that much when I’ll be perfectly happy with a $12 entre?!?


And they make a mean Mai Tai!!!

3. The view! I will say this. I really don’t care to sit in the event center space, but that’s just me. It does have huge windows with the same view as the patio, but I’d rather be outside. I LOVE sitting on the patio overlooking the 18th putting green and our local reservoir. It’s just lovely! They have lots of umbrellas, so you can pretty much be guaranteed some shade if you want it. If it’s chilly outside, I do also enjoy sitting in front of their gas fire place. It’s kind of a cozy spot. It can get a little noisy in the bar, so I’d rather not sit in there.

On another note, this place does a great job with large events! We checked into using them for our daugter’s wedding reception, but they were booked on her date and we found another place. I did attend my brother’s wedding and reception here and it was a wonderful event. They have a private patio for such events and that is where the wedding ceremony was. The reception was then held in the indoor event center space. I have seen this space be decorated and transformed into some awesome looks! They did a fantastic job on the food too! I’ve found the food at most large events to be poor to mediocre, but not the case here! Everything was delicious! They do offsite catering as well.

If you’re ever in the San Francisco East Bay Area, you should check this place out! Oh and yeah, they have a golf course too!