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  The problem with being really into cooking is that my kitchen gets really messy. I don’t do well with clutter and dirt, so keeping things clean is a priority with me. The fact that we have three dogs and two cats does not help with keeping our floors clean AT ALL!!! Sometimes I wonder why I bother to vacuum, because it seems I no sooner finish than the dogs have tracked more crud inside, especially this time of year when all the leaves are falling and there is a lot of crud on the ground to be tracked in.

Anyway, until recently we would vacuum our laminate kitchen floor and then mop it with a Swiffer Wet Jet and periodically doing more heavy duty mopping.

I had seen these steam mop gadgets advertised and was thinking one of those might be nice. In digging around on the Bed, Bath and Beyond website I found a Bissell model that is not only a steam mop, but is also a vacuum. Low and behold, you can vacuum and mop at the SAME time!!! I had a bunch of reward credits on a credit card, so I cashed those in for some Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards and gifted myself with the Bissell Symphony.

I am here to say that I endorse this product! The online reviews were good and so far the product has lived up to the hype. This product works well on laminate, tile and linoleum floors. It might damage hard wood floors with the water, but it should work well on most hard floor surfaces.

Things I like…

• Vacuum and mop in one step

• The steam mop gets floor cleaner than Wet Jet (For tough spots, I hold the steam over it a little longer to soften and then mop it up)

• No ongoing product purchases (With the Wet Jet, I had to buy replacement pads and solution refills) (With the Bissell, the pads are cloth and machine washable and you fill it with distilled water)

• Fairly small, so easy to store

Things I don’t like so much…

• Can be hard to push at first until the pad gets good and wet from the steam

• While you can use it as a vacuum on carpet, it doesn’t push forward on carpet at all. I have to lift it in to the spot I want it and pull back. I only vacuum carpet when there is no pad on it and I’m not using steam. Since it’s difficult, I only use this for quick jobs and save our regular vacuum for bigger jobs

• No retractable cord. You have to wind it up, but there are brackets on the unit for this. Just a pet peeve of mine!