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We were having lunch at our local golf course patio (see ealier blog post on Champions Bar and Grill) and our server, who we know really well, asks me if I like Fresca. Yes! I love the soda Fresca! That grapefruit flavor is so crisp, clean and refreshing. He goes on to tell me that he has a drink I need to try. I told him to bring it on!

He introduced us to a new product called Deep Eddy. Deep Eddy is a line of flavored vodka’s. And when I say flavored vodka’s, I mean FLAVORED vodka’s. These don’t just have the essence of lemon, it has the bold, bright taste of lemon. And that’s just one of the flavors! Luckiy, our local grocery store carries their Cranberry, Lemon and Ruby Red Grapefruit flavors. In looking at their website, I see they also have a plain vodka and a sweet tea flavor. 

You can drink it straight over ice, but that is pretty intense. We were introduced to this in the form of a spritzer. This cuts the sweetness and actually makes it into a fairly low-cal cocktail that’s not overly strong. They are delicious! The pink grapefruit flavor, when mixed with club soda, does indeed taste just like a Fresca! Very crisp and refreshing on a hot summer (or in California, a hot autumn) day!

Deep Eddy Spritzer

1 part Deep Eddy flavored vodka – Pick your flavor!

2 parts club soda

Fill a glass with ice, add the two ingredients and stir well. Enjoy!