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I love technology today and there are some great apps that are useful tools for those of us that cook. I was having trouble reading recipes on my little iPhone screen, so on my last birthday my husband splurged and took me shopping for an iPad. Now I can use my favorite cooking apps even more effectively, since I can actually see the content! Time has not been kind to my eyes!

In case some of you haven’t discovered them yet, I wanted to share one of my favorite cooking apps/websites. The AllRecipes app is available for Apple products. I’m guessing they an Android version as well. They also have a website, so if you don’t want to download or use an app you can just visit the website.


This app/website is my absolute favorite and I use it frequently. Even if I only use the recipes for inspiration and don’t follow them exactly, I find I refer to this app frequently.

What do I like about it?

• I really like the search function. I can enter ingredients I know I have, like chicken and mushrooms, and cruise through recipes.

• Reviews & Ratings – I like that real life cooks, myself included can rate recipes. As I look at recipes, I can see the ratings and how many stars (out of 5) a recipe has. You can even go in and read specific comments that people leave.

• Recipe Box – If you find a recipe you like, you can click a button to add it to your recipe box. Then if you want to make it again at a later date, it’s right there waiting for you.

• Shopping List – If you find a recipe you like and you know you need to go shopping for ingredients, you can click a button and the app will add all the ingredients, with the required quantity, to your shopping list. So if you’re menu planning for the week, it will combine all your ingredients into one nice list for you.

• Dinner Spinner – Feel like taking a gamble? I don’t think the website has it, but the app as a Dinner Spinner. You can pick a dish type (dessert, main dish, salad, etc.), ingredients, and “Ready In” (minutes – slow cooker) and view your matches. So if you’re looking for a main dish, you have chicken, and you want it ready in 30 minutes you can find what recipes match your requirements.

If you haven’t used AllRecipes already, I encourage you to do so. It’s a pretty handy tool for the kitchen!

Are there any apps or websites that you love to use? Please share! I’d love to hear about them!