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I’m not paid to endorse products, but once in a while I run across a product I love so much that I want to sing their praises. Let’s be honest here, sometimes the meals we cook or other household “incidents” can leave unpleasant odors behind. I’ve had the cat pee on the carpet. That’s a bad one, but recently we had an odor catastrophe at our house. 

Here’s where I’m brutally honest…

I store my dutch oven on my stove top. It’s a pretty bright red, so I love to leave it out. The problem is that we’ve had a couple of instances where I have used it to cook, we ate dinner and the lid got put back on the pot. My husband frequently does the clean up after I cook. Well if he didn’t realize I had cooked in the pot and he doesn’t lift the lid, we’ve had a couple of instances where the pot sat dirty. This last time was particularly bad! There was quite a bit of food left in there and it sat for about a week, until I went to use it and lifted the lid only to be assaulted by one of the nastiest smells I’ve ever encountered.

This was a day that I was thanking the Good Lord above for my Fresh Wave products!!! Fresh Wave products are not air fresheners or deoderizers, but odor neutralizers/eliminators and this stuff really works! On this particular day I had my crystal gel containers all put in the kitchen, I used the air spray and lit my two candles. Sounds drastic I know, but hey! It works!

I first started using these products because of our animals. We had a cat that was peeing on the carpet and I had tried everything to get rid of the smell unsuccessfully. Then I discovered the Fresh Wave carpet shake. Worked like a charm! We also have 3 dogs and I hate walking into someone’s house to that “dog” smell. I have the odor neutralizing crystal tubs strategically placed throughout our house; one in the kitchen, one in the family room, one in the living room, one in the dining room and in our bedrooms. The small gel packs are great in your car or gym bag.

I do have to say these products are a little pricey, but they work! Friends and family swear that you don’t smell animal smells when you come in our house. You might smell bread baking or dinner cooking, but not dog! Another great thing about these products is they are all natural and non-toxic, so should an animal or child accidently eat some, it won’t be harmful.

So if you’ve got some stink going on, give these products a try! You can find them online and in both Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond stores.