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Here are my Thanksging tips continued from yesterday’s post…

1. Decide what to make and what to buy. I’m not a great baker and my husband LOVES the sweet rolls from our WinCo grocery store, so I buy the rolls. I also haven’t been blown away by homemade cranberry sauce, so I use the canned stuff and maybe just add some orange zest to it. That’s just me! You might have some awesome recipes for these items, but if you can shave time off for yourself where it makes sense, it’s helpful.

3. Make your grocery list

a. It’s a big dinner, so attention to detail on this step is important. You don’t want to have to run to the store at the last minute, so plan your grocery list carefully.

b. Go dish by dish and carefully write down every ingredient you’ll need for each dish, including any toppings, seasonings, or sides. Of course, don’t buy stuff you already have, so pay close attention and even if you already have it, make sure you have enough.

c. Consider the number of guests you’ll have and if you’re doubling/tripling recipes and take this in to account as you plan the ingredients you’ll need and make your list

4. Shop! 

This can be done a few days in advance, especially if you’re buying a frozen turkey as those take a few days to defrost. I always try to buy a fresh turkey though. You don’t want to shop too far in advance though and have produce go bad.