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 I love family traditions and the memories we create! I think we get comfort from those things we can count on happening every year around the holidays. New experiences are great too! One of our family traditions that our kids actually started about 7 years ago is our annual ginger bread building contest. Notice I didn’t call it “ginger bread house”. Every year is different and fun! 
So every year before Christmas, we set aside a night where our kids invite one or two friends over for the contest. Prior to this, my husband or I pick up two identical ginger bread kits and a good amount of candy and other food stuff that can be used for decorating; colorful candy, fruit roll-ups, extra frosting, etc. The extra stuff for decorating is divided into two equal parts, so each building team will start with identical building kits and supplies. This is where the fun begins!
Every year, the kids surprise and delight us with their creativity. There was the house kit pictured above that was turned into a ski lodge complete with mountain and ski run by my older daughter and her friend. My younger daughter and her friend used the same materials to recreate the house from the movie, “Up”.
You’ve probably seen the various ginger bread kits in the stores. We’ve had houses, trains, and villages. One year, we bought two of the village kits. The kids got really creative with these sets!

My younger daughter and her friend built a shopping center with stores specific to our various family members. It included a Guitar Center store for our musician son-in-law.

My older daughter and her husband, built an amusement park with the same exact kit.

  So whether you’ve got kids at home or just kids at heart, get together, have some fun creating your own traditions and memories! We haven’t scheduled our building contest yet or bought the supplies. I better get on that!!!

Merry Christmas to you all!