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Before anyone goes on a rant about Paula Deen’s poor choices, I’m not talking about her! I recently ran across her son, Bobby Deen, on a Cooking Channel show. He exudes all the southern charm and fabulous cooking talents his mother does, but so far I haven’t seen any poor behaviors. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt! Plus, he cooks healthy, so he’s aces in my book!
His mama is known for delicious cooking, but her versions of dishes are famous for being fat and calorie laden; butter, butter and lets add some more butter, honey!!! Bobby Deen is opting for a healthier lifestyle and has his own show, Not My Mama’s Meals. I love the few episodes that I’ve watched!

The first one I saw, he was cooking with Laila Ali, Muhammed Ali’s daughter. I adore her! She is an athlete and also into healthy eating. They re-worked his mothers Peanut Chicken Casserole. I will be making this recipe tomorrow night for dinner when my kids come over. I’m sure I’ll be blogging this recipe!

In another episode, Bobby went to the fair with his mom and they were enjoying all the wonderful, but terrible for you food that the fair has to offer; hot dogs, funnel cake, carmel apples, etc. The next day, they went to his house and he recreated healthy versions of the food they ate the day before. Let’s just say his chicken brats and baked apples drizzled with home made carmel looked delish!!! And he won the praises of the butter queen!

Anyway, check out his show on the Cooking Channel. I have AT&T U-verse here in Northern California and it’s on channel 456 or 1456 for HD.