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  So someone gifted you with or you bought some fancy pepper jelly while you were happy and free on a wine tasting adventure. Now what?!?  Pour that wonderful spicy, sweet concoction over some cream cheese, grab yourself some crackers and now you’ve got something!!!

I had never had this delicious combo until I was well into my adult years. I just hadn’t been exposed to this combination. Everyone in our family just loves it, so it has become a regular appetizer at holiday gatherings. The creamy-ness of the cream cheese and the sweet of the jelly cuts the heat of the peppers in such a way that even folks that avoid spicy foods will love this dish.

The great thing is don’t even have to buy the expensive pepper jellys they sell at the wineries, but as you can see from my picture my husband is guilty of doing so. Our grocery stores here regularly carry a simple red pepper jelly that is also tasty and very festive looking.

So just pour or spoon that jelly over a block of cream cheese. I like to use the reduced fat cream cheese. Put a little serving knife out so people can smear some spicy sweet cheese on their crackers and enjoy!