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Who doesn’t put out a platter of fresh veggies and dip during the holidays? As the fancy people call it, a crudités platter! It’s a great light start to big family dinners! For our family Christmas dinner we decided to get artistic with it! I don’t know that the artistic impression made it taste better, but nonetheless, it was devoured and it sure looked festive!

I do have to admit that I cannot take credit for the idea. I saw a picture floating around on Facebook several weeks ago and took a screen shot. I’m not sure where to give credit or I would!

Anyway, it was fun and festive and took maybe 10 minutes to put together. I prepped the veggies yesterday and tossed them into individual bags in the fridge and then it took about 5 minutes before the family gathering to arrange. My grocery didn’t have any white cauliflower, so I grabbed the purple. I thought it would add a different color.

Basically, as I like to say, play with your food! Play with the look! Play with the flavors! If things don’t work out, laugh it off and chock it up to a lesson learned! This was one I would do again though!

I served my veggies with red pepper hummus and I made a simple yummy dip by mixing a packet of ranch dressing mix with a container of fat free sour cream. Everyone seemed to enjoy and we got some fresh, organic veggies into everyone!

Merry Christmas!