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 My husband and I have been married for 30 years this year and since our kids are pretty much grown, we get plenty of meals out alone. Last Valentine’s Day we wanted to do something fun and memorable. The Canvas and Cabernet event I wanted to do was booked, so we made our own plans. We wanted to do something with this couple we’be been friends with for about 20 years. We decided to chip in and buy some expensive ingredients and I volunteered to cook us a fabulous dinner. In the process, I also came up with the idea to do a blind tasting game for our dessert. So if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day or any dinner party idea, feel free to steal this one!

It’s almost been a year, so I don’t remember the details of the dinner I cooked. I do remember that we bought lobster tails and oysters. I made lobster four cheese Mac and cheese and my husband barbecued the oysters. I do remember the dinner was off the hook good!!!

Now for the blind tasting game, here’s what we did…

  1. We played guys against the girls, so I did the shopping for what the guys would taste and my husband did the tasting for what the girls would taste. We kept our items top secret!
  2. We tried to do this as our dessert, so we picked more dessert type items with a few savory items included. We used various types of fruit, dessert bites, candies, etc.
  3. We did one team at a time, so for example the girls were blindfolded and each of us were fed the first ingredient and we guessed what it was, then we moved on to the next item for that team. So one team did all their items before the next team had their turn. Some of the times could be the same for each team, but it didn’t matter, because the people playing had no idea.

Hopefully I’m explaining this clearly enough. We didn’t have prizes or anything for the winning team, but you certainly could. Or you could change it and have couple against couple and have a prize for the winning team.

We had a blast playing the game! It’s very surprising how when blindfolded it is difficult to identify foods you are incredibly familiar with.

If you have any question about this, just let me know.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!