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Our family has a recipe for date bars that we just love, so this recipe really appealed to me. Not to mention, I had a bag of chopped dates left over, so this was the perfect opportunity to put them to good use. My 16 year old daughter was in the mood to bake, so I let her bake this cake last night. OMG was it good!!! The dates add a great texture and sweetness. Then you combine this with moist chocolate cake and it’s just fantastic! The cake is not frosted, but we didn’t miss it. I served it with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

This recipe is a variation on the chocolate date chip cake that my Great Grandmother Helen used to make. It’s a chocolate cake so delicious, it doesn’t need frosting… seriously. The dates simply “disappear” in the cake, adding sweetness and preventing the cake from drying out, but otherwise are a secret ingredient. The Hershey’s Kisses […]