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Beware! This yummy pot roast will fill your house with a fabulous aroma as it slow cooks! You’ll be so ready to chow down and luckily it tastes as good as it smells! The meat will be fall apart tender and the gravy is so incredibly savory. You won’t be able to get enough of it! Another great thing, is this is super easy to make and pretty low in fat for the amount of flavor it delivers.

This pot roast recipe was originally called Pepsi Pot Roast, but I was looking to reduce the calories, so I decided to use a light beer instead of the soda. The carbonation is a great meat tenderizer. The Pepsi makes for a much sweeter gravy, but the beer didn’t disappoint. The gravy was just as delicious. We had a Bud Light lurking around, so that’s what I used.

You probably noticed the bright purple potatoes on the plate. LOL! We all decided these would be perfect for Easter dinner. I had a large, purple sweet potato, so I used that and added 3 russet potatoes to make the mash you see here. My standard mashed potato combo can be used with white potatoes, sweet potatoes or any combination. I mix in milk, fat free sour cream, fresh garlic and salt and pepper. Then I rounded out the dinner by cooking some frozen peas.

This was great hearty dinner for a winter’s night!

Brewers Pot Roast

2-3 pound beef roast

1 bottle of beer or one can of Pepsi

1 can lowfat cream of mushroom soup

1 packet of onion soup mix

Put roast in slow cooker. Pour in beer, then mushroom soup and then sprinkle with onion soup mix. Cover and cook on low for 6 -8 hours.

To make the gravy: Towards the end of cooking time, ladle out 2-3 cups of liquid from slow cooker into a sauce pan. Make a slurry of 1 tbsp cornstarch and 1 tbsp water. Stir until smooth and then pour into gravy  and stir while simmering over medium heat.