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Several years ago, some lovely friends bought us a chocolate fountain. They knew we entertain a lot and knew we would get good use out of it and we have! Our kids have loved having chocolate fountains at their parties. Who doesn’t love dipping stuff in melted chocolate!?! But wait! There’s more!!! These fountains can be used for more than just chocolate! We recently used ours as a barbecue sauce fountain. It was a hit! People loved the novelty of it and had fun dipping the various meats and crackers in the fountain.

So what can you do with that fountain, you ask???

  • Chocolate – There are a variety of recipes online. You’ll need to use a good quality Belgium chocolate or you can use chocolate/milk chocolate chips and add oil. You can jazz up your chocolate flavor with Nutella, Kahlua, etc. Have fun with it! Serve with various fruits (berries, bananas, etc.) or pretzels. Everything is better when dipped in chocolate!
  • Barbecue Sauce – Pick your favorite barbecue sauce and put it on in that fountain! You will want to use the heat on your fountain to help keep things flowing well. We barbecued tri-tip roast, Huli Huli chicken, and sausages, cut them up into bite size pieces and served warm next to our fountain. Delicious fun!!!
  • Ranch Dressing – Have a pack of vegetarians on your hands or just want an impressive crudités display? Put out a ton of veggies and fill that fountain with ranch dressing! For this one,you won’t want to use the heat on your fountain. If the dressing is to thick, you can mix in a little milk to get it to the right consistency.
  • Nacho Cheese – NACHOS!!!! Put out a spread of tortilla chips and various toppings. Fill that fountain with the liquid nacho cheese and you have a fiesta on your hands!
  • Ketchup – This works just like the barbecue sauce! If your friends and family are ketchup fiends this is perfect! What to dip? French fries, onion rings, tator tots, corn dogs, hot dogs, sausages, burgers or sliders. The options are endless! Like my son-in-law’s shirt says, “I like ketchup on my ketchup!”
  • Maple Syrup – This is a fabulous idea to step up your brunch game! You can serve waffle sticks, small pancakes and even breakfast sausages are delicious dipped in this sticky stuff!
  • Marinara – Have an Italian themed buffet! You can dip breadsticks, cheese sticks or meatballs in the savory sauce.

As I like to say, get out there and play with your food! Get creative with your ingredients and your kitchen tools! These fountains aren’t terribly expensive and they make a great gift! I probably wouldn’t have bought one for myself, but we have thoroughly enjoyed having this party trick to delight our friends!