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OK, I’ll admit it! I have a problem! I’m addicted to all things cooking related. I even like to watch movies and TV shows related to cooking.  I recently renewed our Hulu subscription, so I could watch their original series 11-22-63 (which I highly recommend!!!). I was cruising around Hulu and looking at the food related shows they offer and ran across Kitchen Confidential. I had heard of Anthony Bourdain’s book of the same title, but had no idea a TV series had been made based on the book. AND it stars Bradley Cooper??? Score!

This show is definitely worth your time!  They only made one season, so it’s not a big time commitment. I’m surprised they didn’t make a second season, as I and my husband really enjoy this show. From what I could find online, it appears the show was battling with baseball for time slots and got lost in the shuffle.

The cast of this show is great! It is a light-hearted look at the New York culinary world and the cast members are charming and funny. Plus, if you love food, you’ll dig all the fabulous meals being created.

Anyway, if you have Hulu I strongly suggest you check out this show. It is definitely good for a laugh and Bradley Cooper is easy on the eyes! It is not for the kiddies though.