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OK, I’m new to the grilling fruit concept!!! I realize this might not be ground-breaking news to some of you, but I thought I would share this for those of you that are like me and are late to the party. I was recently introduced to the idea of grilling watermelon on one of the many TV cooking shows I watch. We were barbecuing and had some watermelon on hand, so I thought we should try it. It was very good!!! The sugar in the watermelon carmelized a bit changing the texture and the barbeue adds a smokey flavor. It was delicious!!!

There is definitely still a place in my heart for ice cold watermelon!!!  But those watermelons are pretty big, so throw some of the slices on the grill and give it a try!!!

You really only have to grill them a couple of minutes on each side, depending on how hot your grill is. I just cooked them until I had some decent grill marks.

Enjoy! For all my U.S. Readers, I hope you have a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend!