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So believe it or not, this foodie girl had not eaten off a food truck until this last Friday night. I live in Northern California and every Friday night in Pittsburg, CA we now have a food truck gathering called Off the Grid. My husband and I decided to venture out and give it a try. We developed a strategy of divide and conquer. We each picked different food trucks and bought different types of food then came back together to share our treasures. Not all the food was great, some definitely was, but we did have a fantastic time!!! If you have access to such a gathering, I encourage you to give it a try! It’s a great opportunity to try a wide variety of foods from various ethnicities. Here’s what we had…

  • I bought some Persion fries with Han sauce from the Grab & Go Kabob truck. You can see the photo below. They were pretty good, but didn’t knock our socks off.

  • I also bought some fish tacos from the Canastas truck. Again, these were OK, but I’ve had better. And $15 for 2 tacos was a little steep.
  • Now my husband hit the mother-lode at the Say-Vee-Chay truck!!! Pork Empanadas – AMAZING!!! Fried plantains with pineapple salsa – OMG!!! Ceviche – Delicious!!! (Picture of ceviche below, sorry, but we gobbled up the empanadas and plaintains)

  • Lastly, we tried a shave ice (not SHAVED ice) from Kona Ice. This was just fun! Nothing gourmet here, but we enjoyed it. They give you your cup of shave ice and then you get to add your syrup(s) of choice from a bar on the side of the truck.

I will say none of the food was bad, just some was better than others. And some of the trucks worked more effectively and quickly than others. The people at the event were just fabulous! It was a gathering of friendly people that all enjoy food. We had a blast and will definitely go back. 

I hope you all have access to a similar, fun event. If so, GO!!!