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I received the most beautiful green leaf lettuce in my latest farm shipment of organic produce. It was too perfect to tear up for a salad, so I decided to make lettuce wraps. This dinner was so delicious, healthy and surprisingly filling! I happened to have sugar snap peas and carrots on hand, so we added those to our wraps for additional flavor and texture.

I decided to go with Asian themed wraps, but you could really go in any direction. Anything you would put in a taco or burrito, you could put in a lettuce wrap.

I used chicken slow cooked in Huli Huli sauce (See my post on June 18, 20015 for details) and we added sriracha as a condiment. The rest of our ingredients were all veggies, so this was a very healthy dinner, but it packed an incredible amount of flavor! We will definitely be making these again!

A great new ingredient I discovered at the grocery store was fresh, crinkle cut sweet potato fries. These were sold in bags in our produce section. I just tossed these with a tablespoon of olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and cumin and baked at 475 degrees for 15 minutes. Delicious and so easy!!! I find sweet potatoes challenging to cut, so this was a good investment for a quick, yet delicious side dish.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

1 pound chicken

1/2 bottle Huli Huli sauce

1 1/2 cups low sodium, low-fat chicken broth

2 cloves garlic, pressed or diced

Sugar Snap peas

Grated or shredded carrots

1/2 red onion, diced fresh or caramelized (see my post on 12/4/15). I used caramelized onions and they added great flavor.

1 head lettuce (You want lettuce that will hold together but is flexible. Good lettuces to use are green leaf, bib, romaine, butter or iceberg), washed, dried and cut off the core to separate leaves

Mix Huli Huli sauce, chicken broth and garlic in a pan with a lid. Place chicken in the pan, cover and simmer on medium low for 45-60 minutes or until tender. Remove chicken from pan and on a cutting board using forks, shred chicken. I used about 1 1/2 cups of the sauce the chicken cooked in to make a sauce. I made a slurry with 1 tbsp cornstarch and 1 tbsp water and added this to the 1 1/2 cups sauce in a separate sauce pan and brought to a low boil. Cook until thickened and reduce heat.

Serve shredded chicken, snap peas,carrots, onions on lettuce drizzled with sauce and if you want add sriracha or other condiments.

As I mentioned above, we had a side of oven baked sweet potato fries.